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Products Filament Winder

Filament Winder

Towpreg Management Systems

 FW 750 High Speed FW System

 ・Spindle Speed 150 rpm
 ・Carriage Horizontal Speed 100 in/sec
 ・Carriage Radial Speed 48 in/sec
 ・Tension per Tow 20 lbs.
 ・Maximum Fiber Payout 235 in/sec

Servo Controlled Fiber Tensioning System

 ・Supports extreme fiber winding speeds
 ・Improved fiber tension control
 ・Historical data gathering capability
 ・Made for dry fiber or Towpreg


New Line of Standard Winders

・One, Three or Five Spindle options
・Fast output and high-quality production with precise tolerances
・Maximize investment in a flexible platform
・Upgradable (go from 1 to 5 spindles for a low cost)
・8 ft, 12 ft and 16 ft bed lengths
・Lower cost than custom winders
・Industry leading features


Filament Winding Equipment

 PS Series

 ・Typical for CNG tanks
 ・Up to 10 spindles available
 ・Overhead beam carriage
 ・Up to 4 servo axes
 ・High rate of Production


 5K Series

 ・Large format winding applications
 ・Single or dual spindle
 ・Up to 5 axis

 PW Series

 ・Single spindle
 ・Heavy duty overhead beam carriageed
 ・Up to 4 servo axes
 ・Extremely durable

FW Series

・Heavy duty winder with multiple spindles available
・Floor carriage bed for varying winding length capability
・Up to 5 servo axes



Proven Automation Record

 ・Extensive experience in motion control and machine design
 ・Design and delivery of automation equipment
 ・Authorized FANUC Integrator

Automation Technologies Include
 ・Auto Tie-On Cut-Off
 ・Material Handling
 ・Cell Simulation
 ・Motion Control

Automation Capabilities Include
 ・Cell Design
 ・Cell Component Design


CNG Manufacturing Work Cell 

25,000 units per year per shift – 45 liter CNG PV
Towpreg Management System Required to Meet Production Levels












CNG / Hydrogen Pressure Vessel Design

CNG / Hydrogen Pressure Vessel Design

Liner and boss design
 ・FEA optimization 

Winding architecture optimization
 ・FiberGrafiX winding and machine motion optimization
 ・FEA and test validation

Winding process optimization
 ・Winding pressurization study 
 ・Tow tension / translation study
 ・Half helical pattern winding study
   (to reduce weight while still reinforcing the dome area)

Prototype testing and FEA validation
 ・7.5 L control T3 and T4 vessels
 ・45 L T4 vessels
 ・100 L T4 vessels