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Infill for Artifical Turf - Sun Patience

Sun Patience

Special infill for high heat resistance and low cost

Based on our own production technology, we offer low cost high heat resistant infill.


Sun Patience 01.png

High Heat Resistance

Using special material, Sunpatience exhibits high heat resistance compared with TPE infill.

Low Cost and Ecofriendly

Using 60% of recycled material, we make infill environmentally friendly and at reduced costs.

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Other Features

Good resilience

It has a high resilience, to protect the players from injury by absorbing the shock.

Sun Patience 03

Coffee beans blended

Coffee beans after use have a high deodorant and antibacterial effect, keep clean the field.

Sun Patience 04



Comparison with the Black SBR chips

1. Temperature suppression effect

Sun Patience 05

Tire chips accumulate heat. But Sun Patience that includes special pigment can lower the temperature above 10℃.

2. Chromium-Free

Black pigment that we use is chromium free.

3. No attaching to clothes

Sun Patience does not transfer color to clothes and ball.

Physical properties

Typical values

Test method




ASTM D2240

Shore A

Bulk density


ASTM D1895


Pellet length


ASTM D1895


Particle size


ASTM D1895